Almost ready to start building again

The empennage canoe is back up and all fuselage and finish kit parts are stored on shelves and wherever I could find some space. Soon I am out of excuses for not starting to use proseal when completing the wing tanks.


Fuse inventory done

And the results, missing:
1Bag 2305 0.1 AN426AD3-7AN426AD3-7
1K1100-08Dnutplate dimpled
2AN316-4Rnut, thin jam 1/4
1AN365-632Anut.stop 6-32
3K1000-06platenut 6-32
1AN526C832R8screw, truss hd ss
5K1000-08Dnutplate dimpled


Finish kit inventory done

Not too bad but several more errors than in the empennage and wing kit:

Missing parts


Inventory continues

14.3 hours done so far. I am almost done with the hardware bags, surprisingly many mistakes found. One wrong bag delivered , luckily the missing bag 2306 contains 426 3-5 rivets that I have plenty of and that would be easy to find locally. (the bag I got but should not, 2006 contains some lock nuts, pull rivets and washers)


Finish kit inventory part 2

Unpacking of the finish kit continues. These are the parts that will wait the longest to be used. The pictures are not that interesting and there is not much to write about this.

You might not read so much on this blog in the near future but I will continue to put 1-2 hours per evening into the project. The wing kit took almost exactly 10 hours to inventory so I probably have close to 16 hours of inventory left with these two kits. I promise to start updating the blog when the inventory is done.
Nice motor mount, engine is not decided yet so we will see if I will use this mount

The gear legs are massive!

4 bags of paper so far

the fuselage box top, was screwed in place, unfortunately the finish kit was nailed, a pain to remove all the sharp nails (the u-type) 


Fuselage and finish kits are here

Some things are back ordered, they have been shipped but not arrived.

Now I have to figure out how to store everything in a way that makes it possible to work again. As it is now, I cannot even empty the boxes :/


Kits on the way

Late last night I got an email from VANs, the fuselage and finish kit has been shipped.


691.8 hours @ 2016-02-29

So February resulted in an all time low. Only 3.7 hours done, the only thing that was done was to move around stuff and clean up the shop in preparation for the fuselage and finish kits.

I wish I could blame the low number of hours on having to wait for new parts but that would be a lie. The next working session will be tearing down the insulation covering the shop doors so after that I have a valid excuse for not working on the project until after the kits have arrived and the insulation can be put back up again ;)

I am starting to miss working on the plane so I hope that the recent troubles with getting the kids to sleep on time, goes away when it´s time to pick up the pace again.

I have also tried to research what extra electrical cables I will need in the wings for the heated pitot and although I have found some answers on other blogs, I have not gotten enough details to go out and buy the cables, placing them and then closing up the bottom wing skins.