29 spacers

Only a 20 minute session today, separated and deburred the spacers that might be used when attaching the control column.

35 hours done this month.


29, control column

Placed some rivets in preparation for finishing the riveting of the fuselage bottom skins, managed to squeeze some of them. Then I did some match drilling and attached the bearings to the control column.


29, check up and riveting

Good time for a controller visit, now that the fuselage is still very easy to inspect. Then we started riveting.

29, More proseal and some wood work

An afternoon session, started with applying some proseal on the center ramp portion in preparation for the planned riveting session this evening. Then I fabricated the two longeron wood blocks that later on will be used for creating a twist in the longerons.


29, large cherry rivets

Started riveting the fuselage parts. I need someone to help me at the next session.


29, local purchases

I was afraid I´d had to wait days for getting #20 drill bits but it turns out that as #20 is for larger blind rivets, most hardware store carry this size even here in the very metric Sweden :)
Made a drill guide to make sure the holes get drilled 90 degrees to the skin, and also so that I would not drill into the bolts behind some holes.


29, Fuselage turned on its side

A few minutes before work:

And a 15 minute lunch break:


29 fuselage stand

A short session is better than no session... 20 minutes of finalizing the fuselage stand in preparation for riveting the front and middle part together.

No more done tonight as my wife had this crazy idea for an ordinary Monday evening, I am not complaining ;) 


29, upper drag fitting bolted again

Upper drag fitting bolted again and the side plates clecoed.
In the evening, I started manufacturing of the stand. Might be a Picture later on.


29 a deburring and priming session

An hour here and an hour there... lower drag fittings installed after priming.


29, Forward Fuselage Lower Structure, joined with the Mid Fuselage Lower Structure

29, Forward Fuselage Lower Structure, joined with the Mid Fuselage Lower Structure, and the lower drag fittings are positioned and the bolts, spacers and nuts in place. It was a very tight fit, I guess as it should be.

Start of chapter 29

Started on chapter 29, this is the chapter were many builder describes that the project transforms into a "plane".

Cleaned up the shop and then primed the bottom skin where the front part will covering it.


Chapter 28 done!

Riveted the last cover plates including nut plates. Surprisingly many rivets could be squeezed but some had to be driven. Extremely difficult to hold the inner most nut plates in position while riveting them!


Chapter 28, on the last page

Almost done with this chapter now. Vent inlets and the battery box was finished and attached.