561 hours @ 20150831

27 hours in August, lots of short sessions

0.8 hours improving the shop or tools.
0.2 hours on the vertical spar
10.4 on the leading edges
4.3 on wiring in the wings
11.3 on flaps


Total     561.0
Wings   191.4
Tail       273.3
Other      96.3

More flaps, lots of countersinking

Getting closer to the fun part:
match drilling

great to have a long drill that you can bend running

marking all parts so that they can get back into the same position

lots of countersinking!


Flaps, match drilling

match and finish drilled some holes.


flaps together with cleco

No pictures as this is posted with my mobile, my Internet is down :(
Updated with movie.


Flaps continues

Had to work from home this afternoon, when my remote access did not work, I used 45min in the shop. Then I had another short session in the evening. Time for a movie:


Flaps, lots of final drilling

Drilled 320 holes today and cut off 16 small tabs.


Here we go again, preparation of parts for the flaps

Once more it's back to match drilling, deburring, countersinking and so on. The flaps are so much smaller than the wing ribs so it will not be close to as boring as the wing ribs was.


Started on the flaps

For unknown reason, my camera battery charger does not work in the shop, works now in the house.

Started with the flaps. The chapter starts kind of bad with a mm. measurement errors on the first page. It is kind of easy to realize what it should say but I will point it out on the forum.

What I did today was to finish the cradles and to lay-out, drill and then match drill the four holes on each left hinge bracket:



Started with improving one of my back riveting plates a little, had a rough surface. Then decided that the next step will be to manufacture the flaps. Got most of the pieces onto the table and started creating the crates to hold them during some of the assembly.


The wing system routing chapter is done

Well, I skipped the pitot installation as I will mount a mast instead. I might also install wires for a wing tip antenna.


Minor task today

Happened to look into the support/revision part of VANs web and saw the notice from December -14 that some vertical stabilizer skins with the wrong thickness had been sent out to customers and that one should check if one is affected.

I had probably done this already but could not remember so I checked it tonight. I have the correct thickness. :D



Done with the AP harness and also got time to install the ADAHRS wires.


AP harness

Started on the Autopilot harness.


Wing Systems Routing

Decided to run some wires in the wings as the next task:


Productive lunch break

Worked from home today so I spent 30 minutes over lunch, vacuuming the garage.

With plenty nails from pop-rivets, pieces of plastic from cutting the lenses, lots of aluminium shavings and a thin powder from spraying primer, one can never vacuum the shop to often.


Leading edges done

Finally got around to drilling and countersinking the lenses and drilling/dimpling the openings in the skins. This means that the chapter is done!

The camera battery became empty almost immediately after starting the session so I only have a picture from the mobile to show:


More trimming

A very boring movie in this post. More trimming of the landing light lenses.



Dimpled and adjusted the access hatch for were the stall warning would go and started on the landing light lenses.


Leading edges in place

Just the landing light lenses and the access plate left to do on the leading edges.


5 rivets left on the right leading edge

Getting closer, just a few rivets on the right one and not much left on the left wing either.
upper side done 

preparing the upper side on the left wings leading edge

to keep the rivets in place

searching the inventory list for the pop rivets

setting pop rivets

verifying the result


Both leading edges on the main spars

Almost half of the rivets on both leading edges are done.


One leading edge clecoed to the main spar

Started with riveting the lightning attach brackets. Then I filled the two pre drilled holes for a stall warner with small head rivets and finally I drilled the holes for the tie down rings before putting the right leading edge on the main spar.

A movie of me removing a bad rivet: