Hours @ 2014-10-31 319.5

Oct 2014
Tot 51.3 Tail 51.3

Bringing the total numbers up to:

Tailkit 231.9
    Tail 68.7
    Elevator 55.5
    Horizontal spar 35.8
    Rudder 33.5
    Vertical spar 28.7
    Tail inventory 10

Shop 45.1
Practice kit 5.5
General reading of manuals 5.0
Planning, dreaming, finances 10.0
Paperwork, ordering 20.7

last two rivets in the bottom and lower side tail skins

A short session that made it possible to mark the below page as completed :D


Not many rivets left

Not many rivets left in the bottom right skin now. Great help once again from my wife, she got the gun this time, worked great!


Prepping parts

Saw in the manual that I will soon need parts that are not scuffed, primed or prepared in any way. So its time for some boring work again ;)


Got my building permit

Got my building permit today so now the RV14 is approved in Sweden :D Continued to rivet the right side and squeezed in some nutplates.


a few rivets, static line done, right rudder cable...

1.5 hours of work today.
Back riveting

Drilling out a bad rivet

About to pop rivet

What to squeeze next?

Got some help


Lots riveted on the right lower tail skin

Started with some squeezing, then some back-riveting. Messed up one rivet by not having the plate under the rivet, the skin has a visible bump from it :(


Tail is coming together

My wife impressed me again with great bucking skills! After setting the last rivets I put in the rudder cables and the clecoed on the right side.


15 rivets left on the left skin

Put in the static kit as far as possible without having the right skin on. Tightened the cables.

Only 15 rivets to go on the left skin and then the rudder cables before it's time to cleco the right skin in place :D


Left skin 95% done

Almost riveted all rivets in the left skin, my amazing wife has helped me today and yesterday with the ones that are very difficult to do by yourself.

Got a tungsten bucking bar and the static kit from Cleaveland today, made the holes in the skin and glued the openings on. The bar is smaller than my previously smallest bar but heavier than my previously largest bar :D


Elt cable

A very short session tonight


Lots of rivets going in

Only 2.1 hours today but as there is not much thinking needed, lots get done :D

The only rivet that had to be drilled out today

Got to use the thin yoke


4.1 hours with a cold

Working with a cold is not ideal, had to drill out more than 10 rivets today, none would have happened if I had not been ill.


Went great using normal riveting

Did the two rivets closest to the tail wheel mount, went great :D

Got new toys from Avery

Received new toys from Avery, used the new 6/#27 dimple set to dimple the holes for the two access plates in the back. I have great troubles riveting the aft bottom skins, will try to find out how others managed to get in there with the tail wheel bracket in the way.



Worked for 3.7 hour today. The pictures lie today, you are only shown the progress, not the several bad rivets that I had to drill out and redo.

I´m sure that if I ever build another RV14, the accomplishment from today will be done in well under one hour.