Tank skins dimple, is done


Tank skin dimpling, side 2&3

Only the left top side to do.


#19 dimples and some countersinking

VAN recommends using the C-frame but I could not resist using the squeezer

Nice looking, to bad it will be hidden when done


Starting to work on the tank skins

Tonight I removed some plastics and then countersunk the holes in the skin that will hold the rivets connecting the end baffles in place. I really need to stop dreaming about a lower $ exchange rate and order the fuselage and finish kit together with the proseal that I will soon need.


More deburring of tank skin stiffeners and Z attach brackets

More deburring of tank skin stiffeners and Z attach brackets.


New tool

A new stationary saw. 20min to assemble and adjust and then 10min to cut some tank parts.


Controller visit

Some checkup of my project, then a session this evening where the camera was misplaced. More deburring so nothing lost.

The plan was for having my youngest son sleeping.... he did not agree


Wing tank, deburring parts

No pictures today, basically just deburred all holes I made and final drilled during the last session.


Wing tanks mostly final drilling

And some hole drilling and match drilling :D

Fueltanks started

Some manual reading yesterday and then som tank rib fluting.


Aileron actuation done for now

Until I have a replacement bold, I cannot finish the right side. Decided to stop with this chapter now and do the calibration/adjustments on both sides at the same time later on.

Does not look like much but it is a small milestone, I am standing at the inside edge of the wing, moving the left aileron by the controls 

Finding parts

Very lucky to have access to the inventory on google drive. It still takes lots of time to look up parts and collect them from the bags. For the next kit, I´m thinking about organizing bolts, spacers and other smaller items in shelves, similar to what I have been diong with rivets from the start.


Aileron actuation, getting close to the finish

Now the parts have been deburred and primed again and will be ready for assembly.
Grinding to make them fit

Measuring, small tolerances required

making a spacer block

Placed to get correct clocking during match drilling

658.9 hours @ 2015-11-30

30 hours in November

1.1 hours improving the shop or tools.
7.3 hours on flaps
21.6 hours on ailerons and aileron actuation


Total     658.9
Wings   283.5
Tail       273.3
Other    102.1

And the aileron actuation continues

I have lost some time on this chapter due to the instructions being less great than the other parts have made me expect.

For instance, yesterday I primed the inside of the collars before realizing that I need to grind and polish the parts to make them fit, so now I have to wait for the parts to dry to be able to grind and polish and then I need to re-prime the parts. Earlier parts of the manual have been good enough that you can just follow and perform the steps one by one, here you really need to read ahead and adjust the order of the tasks.