38 NAS problems

I am still working daily but I am having some problem with my NAS so pictures are a hassle at the moment.


38 more prepping of parts but some riveting

Very difficult to access. Some could be squeezed many had to be driven with the gun. And I could not reach with the cupped set so I had to use the back rivet die onto the manufactured head.


38 slow but at least steady work

Do not feel like making 2+ hour sessions at the moment so the pace has been lowered a bit during the last 10 days but as long as I am out working every day, I am not worried.


38 drills arrived

That was fast, drills arrived from the US in just a few days, great. Final drilled lots of holes, treaded the holes in the roll over structure. Managed to drill the holes in the window, got no cracks but a few pieces came of when I tried to drill to final size directly even after dulling the drill bit.

My solution was to drill the holes in several steps, first the already made #40 holes, then to #36, then to #33, then to #30 and finally to #27.


38 more prepping of parts

38 Canopy release pieces

Last night work consisted of some riveting and then mounting pieces for the canopy release. One bolt/spacer/nut took 30 minutes to get into place!


38 slow but something every day

Wife on a conference so less time for me in the shop. I have been working every day but just not enough done to motivate individual posts here. Tinkering with some smaller pieces while waiting for #36 and #27 drill bits, I was so sure that I had all needed sizes by now but no :(


38 continued window drilling

At least one more session before this is done.


38 First holes drilled in the window

Decided to do the first holes without a helper.

Used very low pressure for the aft holes thru the skin and then used first a 1 mm drill using the electric screw driver, then #40 with the screw driver thru the glass followed finally with #40 thru the metal using the pneumatic drill.

Probably overkill but I realy do not want cracks in the window.


Finish Kit!!!

Starting section 38: Canopy and window

To easy? I am a bit worried as after trimming for the roll brace brackets, I could allign the window perfectly against the front edge of the window shims. Can it be this easy?