Hours @ 2015-03-31

Mar 2015
Tot 19.1 wing 19.1 (wing misc 1.2, wing ribs 16.8, wing spar 1.1)
Not bad considering I became a dad again this month!

Bringing the total numbers up to: 408

Tailkit 288.2
    Tail 90.1
    Elevator 64
    Horizontal spar 37.2
    Rudder 42.5
    Vertical spar 29.3
    Tail inventory 10

Wingkit 39.5
    Wing inventory 5
    Wing spar 13.6
    Wing ribs 19.7

Shop 52.2
Practice kit 5.5
General reading of manuals 5.0
Planning, dreaming, finances 10.0
Paperwork, ordering 21.7

System holes in the ribs are done

Some deburring and scuffing before priming and the ribs will be ready. I have some other parts to prepare before the next priming session. Looking forward to putting pieces together again!


And more work on the ribs

Feels like it has been forever... but I am seeing the end of the tunnel. Got my missing rib from Vans today and got it to the same state as the others in no time. Had I possessed a 7/16 drill, I would have done everything to be ready for primer after todays work.
removing clecos

match drilling

rib from Vans

Color marking the different hole sizes and positions

made all holes 8mm to start with

1/2 inch

the only 3/8 I have is a reemer, great holes



Match drilling ribs to spars

Did all the #12 and #30 holes and half of the #40 ones. Takes more time to reposition clecos than it takes to drill.
Supporting the ribs with a wooden block when drilling the #12 holes


Another short session tonight

Another short session tonight, just made sure that the correct ribs are in the correct position on the spars


Back at it

Back in the shop. Feels great even if it was for only 30 minutes. I match drilled the flaps hinges for the right wing.


Slower pace

Expect fewer updates for a while, my sons little brother have arrived:


Ribs on spars

Removed the bolts, fitted the ribs on the spars in preparation for match drilling.

I miss one rib, will order from Vans. I do not understand how I missed this during inventory. When I look at older pictures I can se that I never had the correct amount of W1011R.


Mostly match drilling

Misplaced the camera a lot tonight. Some pics:
making a new drill bit holder

Rounding corners

Match drilling

Checking for flatness

Match drilled parts

More dimpling and some match drilling

And finally I have done something else than preparing the ribs.


Dimpling ribs

Dimpled the lower parts of the ribs tonight.

I will sort the ribs during the next session and also dimple the upper parts except for the four inner most ribs on each side. Four on each side will be countersunk later while the others are to be dimpled later. It is probably worth dimpling these now as they will be harder to get to later on.
It has been just above freezing for weeks, today it was around 14 degrees C (57F) at lunchtime. No need for a cap tonight even though it was still cold in the shop.


Wing rib deburring done for now

With the help a a new tool I did as much deburring in 30 minutes that I did last night in 2 hours.
Ready for the next step.


More of the same

Tonight I had another 2-hour session in front of the TV. Used a drill bit to deburr the inner side of the holes in the ribs. 50% done so I guess I have a plan for tomorrow night...


Quality time in front of the TV ;)

I hate deburring holes! Brought the ribs into the living room and deburred the holes over a piece of newspaper while watching TV.


Wing rib deburring3 and fluting

Deburring the ribs, done! Fluted the curved side of the ribs, will check for flatness during the next session.