Almost done with chapter 27, started on 28

Riveted all fw rivets that I could back rivet, including the nut plates.
Started with chapter 28, finding parts and some separation and dimpling.


Chapter 27, Firewall angles almost fully riveted

 Sorry about tonight lousy camera placement.



27 A firewall held together with cleco

I would have liked to rivet the firewall together tonight but there is simply not enough time.
 Here we go again with the sticky stuff
 Putting the proseal into a dispenser was way easier than expected :)

 I decided to try and place the center piece in at the same time, it worked even if I had to remove clecos on one side at a time to put the tunnel sided with stiffeners in place
 Back riveting the first 5 rivets per the plans went great
 Then I found another mistake, four rivets done that should not have been, luckily it was possible to remove them without taking everything apart
 Match drilling
 Ready for riveting


27 dimpling and countersinking more FW parts


Marking were not to countersink


Cleaning with acetone in preparation for proseal (to seal the firewall parts so that no fumes can enter the cockpit from the engine compartment)


27 Stiffeners riveted to the firewall sides

The squeezer is still my nr.1 tool

Managed to rivet one rivet to much

426-4 rivets are easy to drill out


27 Started riveting the firewall

Started riveting stiffeners to the firewall. Warned by builder E, I attached the stiffeners to the FW first to check for clearances between the parts and on one side they needed some grinding to fit.

Not enough time to rivet everything, back riveting using the C-frame has worked great so far.


27 Dimpled FW sides

Dimpled the two firewall sides.
Marking were not to rivet

Making sure that I have marked the no dimple according to the revised plans