Tools shipped and Inventory started

Today my tools finally shipped from AC-Spruce. So I should have them early next week.

Yesterday evening I spent around two hours with carefully moving the large skins back into the shipping box while ticking them off the inventory list. I now have all the large components off the kit inventoried.

I also rearranged the shop a little, used the shipping box top to cover parts of the doors to the garage. Before starting the actual building I will have a more permanent camera solution in the shop, leading to more pictures.


Paperwork done

Last night I got the final signatures on the application to our local EAA organisation that handles most of the formalities for building an experimental in Sweden.

Not this but next Sunday I plan to buy clecos, priming spray and everything else that is needed for actually starting this build. The plan is to be done with the inventory before this.



No time for a complete inventory yet but I managed to unpack most of the box.


It arrives!

The tail kit arrived today!

It was expected yesterday but cleared customs to late to be shipped. I chatted with FedEx this morning and was promised a heads up before they would show up. I got a message at about 10 saying that they will show upp 12:30-13:00 :D

Worked from home after lunch, called my parents for assistance and was ready for delivery.
Not to difficult to get out, my dad had to sit on the end to keep it on the lifter. Me and the delivery guy had no problem getting it and my dad into the garage :D
Paper signed, thanked everyone and then worked for a few hours

Back at it later on

I have a crow bar but could not find it. Two screw drivers and a hammer worked
Well packed!!!

Manuals on top

No more will be done today
I have mailed AC Spruce, due to some bad weather in the states they have not received all my tools yet but I should have it next week. During next week I also expect the compressor so I guess I'll figure out a storage system and start inventorying... :D


Benches almost done

Waiting for the c-frame before finishing the left one

Kit has almost arrived

Got a message from FedEx on thursday, to bad I was in Germany and unable to call them and provide them with the needed information, (Payment of sales tax). So the kit is close and I hope to get it early next week.


Tail kit ordered and on the way!

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Vans telling me that they are ready to ship the kit within a few days and wondered if I would like to ship with FedEx air or for the to get a quote for sea shipment.

I quickly replied that I am eager to start so lets go for a more expensive air-shipment for the tail kit.

Today I saw that Vans have reserved the amount for the kit on my credit card.


Nu går det fort

I morse väntade ett mail från Vans i min inkorg, så här startade det:

"Thank you for your order.
We can ship this by Fed EX within a few days...."

Jag valde att gå på deras FedEx förslag istället för att be dem ta fram ett billigare sjöfrakt förslag vilket de erbjöd. Till nästa kit vill jag fokusera på kostnader men nu vill jag komma igång.

Så mitt kit skickas med flygfrakt om några dagar!


Beställning lagd!

Nu på lunchrasten skickade jag in min beställning på Empennage/tail-kone kit till Vans. Skickade in beställningen via e-mail och la in betalning wia deras webshop, smidigt!

Negativt besked från Skatteverket

Skatteverket meddelade att det inte skall vara momsfritt med hänvisning till att moms tas ut på flyglärarverksamhet. Har inte gett upp hoppet men beställer tail-kit som privatperson.


Mer än så här blev det inte denna helg.

Det var varken familjen eller något annat som hindrade mig från att göra klart bänkarna.

Tyvärr tänkte jag inte när jag köpte träskruv utan tog en låda med något som jag tyckte var lagom långa skruvar, passade utmärkt för att fästa skivan i ramen men stack knappt ut efter att ha passerat 45x70 reglarna.

De långa skruvar jag hade hemma räckte till ramen och benen, stödreglarna i mitten ligger löst.

Kom på att det är inte riktigt sant, jag köpte byggfläkt och en cirkelsåg.