Working from home -> Productive lunch break

Riveted the nut plates during my lunch break :D


Getting close

Cleaned the insides from stray proseal, attached the fuel vents drain on both tanks with loctite, The outer nuts are not permanently set yet but that's for the next session. Countersunk for ooops rivets in preparation for the nutplates on the edges to avoid an unnecessary dimpling task.


Slow but steady

Been doing small tasks almost every evening now. Today I attached the fuel senders. The plan is to close up the remaining holes by the weekend, then I will let it cure for a while before testing with water.


Adding more sealant

Applied more sealant and realized that I need one more session like this and one fitting the fuel level senders before I can do the two sessions were I actually close up the tanks.


Tiny items

Put the bushings for the tank went line in place again, and did some more trial flaring. Also deburred the real lines, now I just need to buy some fuel proof thread sealant and I´ll be ready to start closing the tanks up.

I will probably do one more session, adding proseal on potential leaks so I also need to buy some more proseal.



Not much posted lately, what has been done is that I have played and practiced doing some flaring on some scrap in preparation for installing the breathing line in the tanks.

I will be so happy once the tanks are done, they have really crushed my motivation and persistence. At least I can se the end of this work now.