Adding more sealant

Applied more sealant and realized that I need one more session like this and one fitting the fuel level senders before I can do the two sessions were I actually close up the tanks.


  1. How is the tanks later tested for leaks (or, hopefully, no leaks!)? Pressurized air?

  2. Hi,

    Some do three tests, one with water before installing the back plate and then the two below.

    All do a final test with air, you close up all openings but two, a balloon on one of the remaining and then add air in the open one to fill the tank and balloon, after closing the fill hole you the expect the balloon to stay inflated for a few days. Some use a pipe with colored water to measure the pressure... Some have falsely believed they have a leak due to changing outside air pressure.

    The final test is when you calibrate your fuel meters by adding fuel in smaller known quantities. avgas has an amazing ability to find leaks that even air don't escape thru :(

  3. Interesting! Seems there's plenty of room for uncertainty if not done right, which I presume is not wanted. Given how work is progressing for you, what is your rough estimate for when it's time for you to do this? Noticed you're about to close tanks within a reasonable close time frame. Just curious.

  4. I hope to have the tanks completed within two weeks, it should not be more than max 12 hours work divided into four sessions.

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