4.4 hours today, lots done on the elevators

Feels great to rivet things together. Did 3 more than I was supposed to, drilling them out went perfect so no harm done.

Elevator balance skin

Squeezing when possible

The new swivel die is really great, generally the result is as great as back-riveting 


Riveting elevator parts

Feels great to start riveting again, the preparing of parts is not close to being as fun as actually putting them together.

Only one rivet that had to be drilled out :D


Proseal and the feeling of squeezing 27 perfect rivets...

Proseal and the feeling of squeezing 27 perfect rivets... just to realize that you have forgotten to cleco all  parts in place. Good thing that I have gotten great at drilling out rivets ;)

Proseal, what a messy substance!!! Not looking forward to making the fuel tanks!

And about ten seconds later, I realize that the hinge is not in place! 

End result is great so only 30min and 27 rivets lost :)

Elevator trim tab edge riveted

Elevator trim tab edge riveted and I prepared for the rest of the trim tab.
Drilling out the epoxi glue

Pre setting the rivets

Final drive with the special dies from Avery


New toys from Avery, starting to assemble the trim tab

Got new toys from Avery :D Trim tab edge glued together in preparation for riveting.



Scuffing the trim tab parts before bonding in the stiffeners.

Summer time... less work being done

Grinded the dimple die to be able to dimple the nutplates that I then riveted onto the trim access reinforcement doubler.


Elevator parts primed

A morning session, priming most parts for the elevator.


Preparing elevator parts

Almost time for priming. Lots of countersinking, dimpling, deburring, edge rolling and scuffing. Cleaned the parts with a solvent, the large parts inside and then the smaller parts outside in the fresh air.