Deburring aileron hinhes

And another short session where I forgot to set the camera right.


Countersinking in the dark..

No but not only did my cold make it into a less than a one hour session, it also made me miss that the camera was set for shooting in a much lighter environment:


Building, but not an RV

In case anyone wonders why there are no updates:


Started on the back spars

Nothing done tonight, this is from friday's session, I was to tired to blog then.
Finding the parts
Preparing the parts
Aileron hinges sub assemblies put together and match drilled. All or most parts layed out


An hour off fixing

Almost exactly one hour to remove yesterdays bad rivets and redo them properly.


Ribs riveted on spars

I have some to drill out but all in all it was a good session with lots of rivets driven.


Ribs on Spars

Most of the ribs are now attached to the spars. During the day I spent an hour cleaning the garage and putting up some more shelves.

Then I clecoed the ribs to the spars, attached the bolts and nuts and torqued them as described in chapter 5. I used 4.7Nm.


Ribs, the never ending story ;)

All flap hinges are in place and the attachments for the inner ribs as well.

Started with drilling out two bad ones from yesterday

Lägg till bildtext

Clamps are great to keep parts attached



Two sessions today. Unfortunately I did not have the camera pointed in the right direction most of the time.
touched up on the primer

one flap hinge riveted



Started on the right side ribs

Left side ribs done, started going over the right side ones with red scotch brite.


Almost an hours work tonight

All left wing ribs are prepared and laid out for priming.