Alternator in place, section 43 done :)

And suddenly another section is done. I finished of today's work with removing the cap that is installed for when using a fixed propeller. I underestimated the amount of oil that would come out and had to spend some time mopping it up.


Not much to show

Work is being done but there is not much to show from it, cables and hoses are attached, clamps have their attachment holes drilled out and so on. Lots of stuff that needs to be done but very few interesting pictures from the work.

After spending yesterday performing an annual on our Cozy3 in 3 degrees Celsius, I really appreciate doing this work indoors in 20+ degrees.


Engine installation continues

Spent 20min searching for a hose until I realized that it was already connected by one end to the sender mount on the FW :/


Last cotter pin in place

Started with folding up the engine lift. 

Then I took one of my old screw drivers and made a hook like cutout at the end. Together with one of these dental instruments that have a small ball at the end, I managed to bend the last cotter pin. The dental instrument held the end of the cotter pin and then I used my modified screw driver to pull on the dental instrument.

Finished off this session with attaching the engine to engine mount cable.


Torque done, cotter pins

Got the torque done, between 51 and 52 Nm for all bolts. I started with 51 and if more twist was needed to align the holes in the bolts with the castle nut, I increased a little.

Three out of the four cotter pints are in place but I just cannot reach with anything that gives me power enough to bent the pin in the lower left mount. I need to fabricate some sort of tool for this.



Engine mounted!

Got my missing KB-090-T fitting, the tach cap and some cotter pints. Parts were around 30$, the freight 50$... but it is kind of cool to be able to get stuff from Oregon to Sweden in less than 2 days :)

I quickly attached those parts and then I could not help myself from testing how close I could place the engine to the engine mount and after about 30 min of maneuvering I had all four bolts and other hardware in place! Now I have to read up about how and how much to torque these bolts and nuts but it is in place :D


Moving forward

Everything goes slower now since I have to find information about torque values and so on. I am sure that if I redid the steps from the last three sessions it would take less than 25% of the time.


Slow ahead

With some heat, the plug gave in and another fitting could be installed. Then I found one inventory mistake, I have received a KB-090 when I should have received a KB-090-T Not good, Van have already sent the other missing parts so I guess this one will be on me :(



Not much done today. The RV14 manual has been great with a few exceptions, engine installation is one of them. Either I have not found it or the tube for the fuel overflow is not exactly as the one stated in the manual, no detailed instructions anymore about whether to use thread sealant or not, just a general pointer to chapter 5.

Then I could not get the oil pressure cap removed, heating? So all I did was installing the upper and lower oil port fittings. (I had to modify a wrench to be able to clock the lower fitting.


Out of the box

Time to take a closer look at the engine. I attached the ground lug.


safety wire

Started this evening with redoing my lousy safety wires from yesterday...


Wheels, brakes, battery

With the Wheel bearings greased properly, it was time to put the cotter pin in, and torque/secure the brakes. I installed the battery but have both poles covered. I ended with moving the engine, I might lift it out of its box soon.


FW populated and some quality grease

Lots done today, many parts mounted on the firewall and the wheel bearings are now filled with AeroShell 5.