Setting up for starting to rivet the outer bottom skins

Placed lots of rivets and taped them in place.

Had forgotten to dimple about 10 holes


Controller visit and started on the outer bottom wing skin

First my controller came over for a final view before it will be more difficult to look inside the wings. We also checked out our new toy, a Garmin G5 that will be put into our CozyIII. I might buy and use this great lite instrument as my primary EFIS in the RV14 until I can afford a G3X or similar.

On purpose, taken directly into the sun, this visible :)

Tonight I got rid of some blue plastic and riveted the nutplates on one bottom outer wing skin.


Bottom inner wing skins done

set the last few rivets and riveted all the nutplates. Cant think of any reason to not rivet the nutplates for the cover plates before attaching the skin to the wing so that will happen on the outer bottom skins.


Right inner bottom wing skin

Looks like my old Canon 60D has given up :( Another session last night, the lower inner right wings skin is almost in place.


Left bottom inner skin in place

Done two sessions lately, first I forgot the memory card, today the battery was dead. I have on picture from the phone:
Apart from nut plates and where the outer skin shares holes, the inner left bottom skin is done.


Bottom wing skin session 2

Continued with the inner bottom wing skins. Around 10 driven and maybe 50 placed and taped in preparation for riveting. I removed one Aileron rod as it would be almost impossibe to do all rivets with it in place.