Standing without support

Another milestone!

With chaotic weather resulting in closed roads, I decided to work from home. Got some great results during the breaks. First I measured the toe in/out and I am within tolerances, very close to zero. Then I attached the wheels and was able to remove the supporting benches.


Gear axis

No toe in/out measurements made yet.



First an afternoon break session and then a very satisfying one in the evening!


Tail Wheel 3

Tail wheel in place but even with thinner washers, it was impossible to set the cotter pin properly. Longer bolt needed?

Tail wheel 2

The tail wheel gear leg binded in the mount yesterday. With some heat I managed to get it loose and after some more polishing I could finally get it in place and match drill the attachment hole.


Tail wheel 1

Trying to make it fit...


Back onto the EAA bench

First a failed attempt to use the engine lift to lift the fuselage. Then the success. The AC looks so much bigger when high up.


More 40B

Prepared for mounting the tail wheel. Cleaned up the shop.



Sealed the lower part of the gear leg with silicone and torqued to 180 (20.3Nm). Attached the flap motor cover.


Gear legs and flap motor cover

Carefully reamed the gear attachments using a pin as described in the manual. I use a .3740 undersized reamer. The result was a very healthy resistance when putting the bolt in there. Lets hope the toe in/out is correct! Also riveted together the flap motor cover.


42 more Misc

scuffed, primed and painted again. Riveted some nut plates and then installed several panels temporary with a few screws.