Another 3 hours of dust




46 Gear leg fairings

And it continues with more fiber glass trimming, I hate all this itching dust!


Done with section 45, Cowling

46,9 hours! Another builder who I have followed did it in 24,5. In these hours I have not counted my lite fun painting project. The result can be seen below:


Trim for paint

Heartbreaking to trim the cowlings that had such a great fit but any paint would chip at first engine start as it was so I have trimmed them. A picture of a lot of today's work, finding parts.

Oil door

Decided to follow the plans for now. The wing nuts for the oil door will probably be replaced with something else after a year of flying.


Inlet ramps 3

More glass/epoxy to be able to make smooth transitions.


Inlet ramps 2

Cowling inlet ramps 1

Yesterdays session, was to tired to blog last night.


Nut plates and hinges

Some nut plates installed and I have almost finished riveting the hinges to the cowlings.



More Cowling

Plenty of pictures, much work.