Blue plastic

I drove to the airport with the intention to start installing the Pitot, aileron trim and/or landning light but it was crazy hot so I just removed some blue plastic from the wings. It came off very easy.


Kids flying

Who cares if the paperwork and final assembly are not complete, we can fly now!


More panel and interior work

In the last two days I have had a few shorter sessions were I have continued to work on the seats and the panel. I now have re-settable breakers in the panel for the fuel pump and pitot heat.

I also found some suitable hardware so the GAD 27 and the MGL ECB are now in place.


Electrical schema

Not much done in the shop during the last days. I have a first draft of an overview of the electrical system, please point out any errors or questionable design choises:


Working in the heat

I´m on vacation/paternity leave for the entire July :) I sure have picked the right time for being away from work. We have blue skies and yesterday the temperature topped at 35.5C / 95.9F I have never before experienced temperatures this high in Sweden.
First time the top cowl is on with the baffling in place, I have trimmed some in the front.

GEA 24 and GAD 27 in place

The MGL ECB and the second ground bus bar in place, I need to by more hardware, they are only in place with borrowed bolts for now

Heated but not regulated pitot in place. Have never flown an AC with regulated pitot heat and never missed it so I could not justify the extra cost for my RV


First switch in place and a revelation

Been rethinking the placement of the switches. Installed the first one. (But it will be replaced as I want the kind that you have to pull back a little to change position for the master switch)

Then I finally figured out the answer to the question I have been thinking about for some days, I have been so sure that the cables for switching the master and starter relays have been part of the FWF package that I just have not been able to see the obvious solution for days even tough I have read numerous wiring diagrams. I even had to do a practical test to 100% convince myself that you need more wires.

So today my master relay was turned on/off a couple of time after having been careful that the loose positive wires were not touching anything before hooking up the battery temporary.



Did a bench test of my MGL ECB module. I like this concept!


Crawling forward

Everything goes so slow now that there are no step by step instruction to follow. Working with wiring&avionics and when I get to frustrated with not having the right tool or lacking proper instruction, I do some work on the seats.

GTN 625 config module and fan wires in place


EGT/CHT wires in place

It took "forever" to get these in place.


The fuselage part of the cable/wiring is basically done

More to do when the wings are on (pitot/AOA), AP servo wiring in the tail and wing is still on the to-do list. And then there are of course all the wiring behind the panel still to do... Before placing some of the panels in place I did a much needed vacuum session in the tail and mid section.