29, pre work and a lunch session

More parts prepping. Also realized that the upper longerons will be very visible when everything is done. Therefore I used sandpaper to get rid of runnings from a previous poor priming session and then reprimed and painted. I have my #40 dimple dies and did some dimples before I had to get back to paying work.


29, more prepping of parts

More separating, trimming and dimpling of parts (awaiting new dimple dies to be able to finish the side skins.) Also a pic of the painted floor area.


29, interior parts and floor painted

Painted the floor and some interior parts tonight.
The ugly droplets I got on the parts I painted earlier almost floated out into nothing, hoping for the same on tonight's parts.


29, prepping more parts

A good two hour session tonight, apart from the 10 minutes wasted, looking for parts that are already riveted onto the fuselage...

Started with riveting some parts together, still find it strange that it feels so much more productive to assemble parts than to prepare them. I continued with dimpling the skins were they are curved (I think my reduced diameter dies are better there)

Then there were finding more parts that will be riveted to the inside of the side skins later, deburring them and some dimpling or countersinking of these parts.

Finished of with some needed vacuuming of the shop and mounting a saw band that had gotten derailed earlier in a non airplane sawing project.


29, separating, deburring, dimpling, priming

 Dimpling (using the reduced diameter dies as I still have no ordinary, fine for this but not for the skins)
  Breaking edges
 Sawing apart

 Sanding the edges
 Trimming with the dremmel
 And painting, not to happy with the result, the spray can sometimes delivered large droplets


29, got the wrong size, dimple dies

Aaargh, got the wrong size of dimple dies delivered. Did some other smaller tasks yesterday.


29, longeron countersinking

Dimpled all #30 holes in the side skins and then did the tiring task of countersinking the upper and lower longerons.


29, broken dimple die

Breaking edges

Making the upper edges smooth and rounded

Making the upper edges smooth and rounded

Marking holes that should not be dimpled

deburring by scuffing

Dimpling until one die failed. I do not have any standard #40 female dimple dies but replacement should be in stock at my main local supplier