35 more prep and prime

Prepped and primed the wiring channel, no picture of that. Made a holder for my smaller rivet dies:


35 lots of tools used

An interesting day, had to use many tools for the tasks. For two rivets the manual squeezer was used, cannot remember when I looked at that one before, also had to grind down my longeron yoke to be able to squeeze the seal angle rivets.  


35 lots done

Sneezing to much to be around my colleagues but well enough to get some job done in the shop :D


35-prepping parts

And here we go again... separate-modify-deburr-scuff-prime-dimple/Countersink and then... I will be able to assemble again :D

I have a cold and had to return home from work this morning, after 2 hours of sleep I could do some work in the garage and after lunch I could actually do some work from at home.

Done with section 34

Done with the flap actuation chapter, started collecting and prepping parts for the upper forward fuselage section.


Flap position sensor

Remembered that I had ordered the flap position sensor and it seemed smart to make the necessary holes before mounting the rest of the actuation system.


Section 33 done

Found the cable guides, forgot to turn on the camera. Then I started the Flaps actuation chapter. Some match drilling and then priming the inside of the tubes.
One of these high quality aviation products... 


Brake fluid lines and rudder cables

Cut and attached the brake fluid lines and attached the rudder cables after having prepped the attachments. Spent more than 30 min searching for the cable guides that I put somewhere more than 2.5 years ago... have not found them yet.


Tightened the bolt/nut holding the clamps for the sleeve protecting the rudder cables

Tightened the bolt/nut holding the clamps for the sleeve protecting the rudder cables. That is one long sentence ;) Started looking at the brake hoses.


Brake reservoir, rudder lines

First I attached the brake fluid reservoir and the T-connection on the other side. Then I decided to route the rudder lines and to attach the protective sleeve. I have read about the problems of attaching this sleeve as there is so little space. I solved it but using some of the children's clay. In place but not tightened yet.


Sent my engine/prop order to Vans earlier today. Lots of money but I guess one just have to pay and try to forget about it.