Sent my engine/prop order to Vans earlier today. Lots of money but I guess one just have to pay and try to forget about it.


  1. Wow, that's a big one I guess. So what did you settle for? And have you any more thoughts on the avionics - I think you were uncertain last time I asked... /Jens

  2. I was very interested in the UL Power 520 but as far as I know the RV7 that had it mounted already this winter is still not flying, not a good sign.

    Then there was a last minute possibility to use the Superior XP400, the engine would be a prefect fit but the exhaust would not fit without modifying the cowling and when I found out it also required 100LL, the advantages was basically gone.

    So it will be the suggested Lycoming 390 (with one electronic ignition and one magnet.)

    For avionics I have decided on the Garmin G3X system, I have not decided if it will initially be the 10inch screen or the 7 inch portrait screen. I would love to have an IFR capable panel from start but will probably have to start with a simpler v1.0 for financial reasons.