Wing inventory started

Had to work tonight so only managed a short session, started unpacking and also sealed of the garage doors with parts from the empennage shipping crate and the top from this one.


Wings on its way

Talked to the delivery firm. The wing kit will probably arrive tomorrow :D

Apart from clearing the shop, I measured the rudder deflection. It is basically at the upper limit (.75 distance to elevators) but I will add offset tabs to the rudder horns to get some margins.



Sorry for the lousy quality, only had my phone available. With help, I put on the elevators.


Rudder in place

A short session, my wife helped me get the rudder in place. Moves easily and the deflection looks good, need to put the elevators on as well to verify.


reamed front stabilizer attachment hole

Made the hole into correct size and reassembled. Ended up realizing that it would be much safer to get some help for actually mounting the rudder.

I got some shipping/customs documentation from Vans so I guess the wing kit is close :D


Dismounted vertical stabilizer

About 10 months ago, I forgot to final drill a hole in the VS01401 front spar doubler. This cost me 20 minutes of extra work today and will probably cost me another 20 minutes on the next session.


Nearing the end of chapter 11

I had decided to keep the shop clear awaiting the wing-kit but I needed to work on the kit tonight so I assembled the main pieces:


First screw up, nothing to worry about or something in between?

So, this weekend I mounted the elevators to the spar. Measured many times, marked it, drilled the hole in one of the elevator horns... Made a good drill block guide, remeasured, clamped and drilled the second rudder horn.

Somehow the pieces managed to move and the holes, while perfectly square are not in perfect alignment. The last two pictures show how the left is aligned when the right side is flush. A disaster that needs to be fixed, nothing to worry about??? I will ask in the forums first and then probably to VANs.


Doing something on the RV again

Got some tools from Avery yesterday, was supposed to fly tonight but that was cancelled due to weather. I decided to bring out the elevators and match drill the elevator horns with my new 1/4 reamer.

A small job but it felt great to be back at it again. I guess I will continue with the elevator pushrod bolt holes but I hesitate a little as I do not want to make it difficult to quickly get everything away for when the wing-kit arrives.



Money and hopefully wings on their way

After a call to my credit card company, Vans was able to charge my card. Hopefully my wings will be shipped today.


Ready for the wings

Cleaned up and removed everything in front of the main doors.




Yesterday I got an email from Vans telling me that they could not draw money from my credit card.

And of course I saw the email 10 minutes after Eurocards customer service had ended their phone support time. Sent an email to EC but have not gotten any response.

I hope this does not cause any delay to the shipment of my wing-kit, I'll call EC the minute they open again on Monday.


Summary of 2014, first year of building an RV14

Hours total 356.3

Dec 2014
Tot 3.5 Elevator 0.8 Rudder 2.7

Bringing the total numbers up to:

Tailkit 264.2
    Tail 90.1
    Elevator 60.1
    Horizontal spar 37.1
    Rudder 38.5
    Vertical spar 28.7
    Tail inventory 10

Shop 45.1
Practice kit 5.5
General reading of manuals 5.0
Planning, dreaming, finances 10.0
Paperwork, ordering 21.7