Success, both tanks leak free!

Small leaks thru the drains but otherwise perfect!


Preliminary success on the right tank

At least there are no major leaks :)


Tank attachment countersunk

Got some time for myself before lunch so I did the countersinking.


Tanks are sealed and almost done

Not 100% on what countersink size I should use for the attachment so that small task is still left to do. The next session will be that and leak testing!


Back plate on right wing in place

I will put up a movie of the session later, when my PC is done processing it. (5sec time lapse of almost 2.5 hours, condensed into I think 11 minutes so just for the really interested)


Last prepping before closing up the right tank

Did some last checks and cleaning on the right tank. The next session will be closing up the right tank.


Back plate on the left tank is in place.

2.6 hours of terror, this was the worst work session so far in the build. Working under time pressure and finding out things like you have the wrong size installed in your pull rivet tool, some holes are too tight so you have to redrill them with proseal in them....


Some last touch up

Did one last session of improving the sealing. Now I just need to roughen up the areas that will seal on the backplates and I will be ready for putting them together.


Leak test with water successful!

did the preliminary leak test, last possibility to fix leaks before putting the back plates on. The tanks held water without problem.


Fuel vents done

Fuel vents are now set for good and sealed with proseal. Since I have to use water to clear out dirt in the tanks I will do a water leak test before placing the back plate. Now I will just wait a few days for the last proseal to cure.