464,7 hours @ 2015-05-31

464.7 Hours @ 2015-05-31
May 2015
Tot 36.6 wing 36.6

Bringing the total numbers up to: 464.7

Tailkit 288.2
    Tail 90.1
    Elevator 64
    Horizontal spar 37.2
    Rudder 42.5
    Vertical spar 29.3
    Tail inventory 10

Wingkit 95.1
    Wing inventory 5
    Wing spar 14.6
    Wing ribs 36.3
    Wing misc 39.2

Shop 53.2
Practice kit 5.5
General reading of manuals 5.0
Planning, dreaming, finances 10.0
Paperwork, ordering 21.8


Top skin J-channels

One of the first tasks for the wing kit was to cut J-channel stiffeners to correct length and then to use the main spar as a drill guide.

Today it was time to make the rest of the preparation.
- Holes and all edges deburred
- Holes dimpled
- Scuffed and cleaned them
- Primed them


Getting close to riveting the top wing skins

Three short sessions today, finished priming the skins and put in lots of clecos


second run of top skin priming

Did the other skins and the backside of the reinforcements. I did also hang the first skins on the spar/ribs to be able to do some touching up.


2nd wing skin dimpled

A short session, dimpling the second inner skin. 2 done, two to go :D


Skin dimpling 1/4

adjusted the overlaps, made a holder for dimple dies and then dimpled one of the four wing skins.


Wing skin edge deburring, also did the "edge break"

Wing skin edge deburring, also did the "edge break" that is done to make the skin sit closer at the edges.


More Match/Final drilling of wing skins

Green is done, yellow is on hold, orange is being worked on now and white has not been touched yet


Cleco, deburring

Almost three hours today. Repetitive to say the least.


Final drilling and dimple

Match drilling and final drilling. Not sure it was needed to final drill all holes but better safe than sorry. Dimpled the 8/#19 hole at the end. Countersinking next.

Drilled hole

Deburring top

deburring bottom

plastic sheet off




Started riveting the rear spars to the ribs

There will be at least one rivet that I cannot drive with the squeezer


First wing skins

Reamed the rear spar attachment holes and then trial fitted the left wing skins (with wing walk doublers under)


Lots of rivets on the rear wing spar

I say it again: I love my pneumatic squeezer!