A break from building, lesson four in the formation flying class I am taking part off during this weekend.


37 rollbar assembled and some fixes

First i removed and riveted two bad rivets, then I sanded the remaining shims for the rollbar before assembling it. Now ready for final drilling.


37 starting to rivet the roll over structure

Prepping, priming, painting, riveting...


36, lucky

Have read about other builders problem with adjusting the control stops, it being really difficult to reach and file the lower stops.

I was lucky, the travel was within limits without any action and I only had to file the left upper stop for the stops on both sides to reach the stop in both directions at the same time. Took me less than 20 minutes.

I ended the session with dimpling, scuffing, priming and painting the brace brackets and the brace (roll over structure). Ni pics of this action.


36 Sticks in place

had to use tape to get the steel washers in place but all in all, not to bad.


Another productive day

My oldest preferred to stay at home with me and joining me in the garage, rather that going out playing in the forest :) He is getting really useful now, bringing me tools and pieces, saved me from getting out and into the fuselage again, at least twice today.

Today I had the magic touch, when connecting the pushrods to the idler arm, the washers basically fell into place with no more than two tries per washer. Started with section 37, roll over structure as I am waiting for some glue to set before match drilling the control sticks and stick bases.


36 lots done

Lots of things done today. It is always fun to take out the last piece from a bag.


36 more priming

Primed the inside of the tubes.


36 parts prepared and primed

Match drilling, made an optional lightening hole, scuffed and primed parts.


Section 36

Section 36, Aileron & Elevator systems. Separated some parts, some trimming, scuffing and priming. Then I made templates and drilled #40 pilot holes in the pushrod ends.


35 basically done

I have a few places where light passes the top fw skin so another sealing session is in order before closing the chapter completely.