More Alt Air and cable management


Alt air attachment in place, started on EGT/CHT wire

Alt air in place, started with the EGT/CHT wiring.


Heating cables in place

Also started creating a mount for the alternate air cable (As I am not using the supplied bracket for this and engine controls)


Heating control cables

Not looking forward to the next session, it will be a pain to get down below the pedals to fasten the control wires!

Music input and trim cables

Installed the music input that will probably never be used. (I needed something to cover the hole so why not install it.... And then I lengthened the to short trim wires and attached it to the connector.


Some more mixed work

Canopy handle, more cable bushings, head set jacks, tested and started attaching the flap motor cables.


Panel & Wire

Some work from the last days. The 625 is in place and more of the wire bushings are in place. There is a slight gap between the 625 and the panel but nothing that cannot be hidden by wrapping the panel.


Interior 1

Got my hands on a pair of Skoda seats... This will work!