First work on the RV-14


I finally started. I probably spent more time reading the manual than actually working. I was in the shop for a total of about 1,5 hours.

Parts clecoed and match drilled.

 Cut and sanded to correct form

 Dimpled and deburred

 And finally riveted

Practice kit done!

I was i'll last weekend and it has been a crazy week. But I got an hour here and an hour there and late last week the toolbox was finally done.

Drilled out two rivets and made some mistakes to learn from but all in all it went pretty smooth. There is a big difference between the first rivets and the last one's. I will really try to back-rivet as much as possible on the RV and when possible, use the C-frame!



New fuses installed, Now I can continue with the practice kit. Thanx Harald!



Yesterday my friend Harald helped me install power for the compressor. It went really well but the fuses tend to go off so we need to get new 16amps to replace the current 10amps...

Some cleaning up and reorganizing and then I will be ready to actually work!

I had plenty of converters but as usual not the one I need. I plan to get one on my way home from work today.


Tools arrived on thursday, practice kit together now with cleco

Tools finally arrived on thursday. They were actually here on Wednesday but as a final insult AC Spruce Europe managed to get my phone number printed wrong on the shipment so I had to wait for the old fashioned paper notice.

This was not good customer service! They charged my credit card immediately, shipped more than a months later than first told and finally made a mess with the paperwork. I will order directly from the US the next time, the hassle with customs is nothing compared to this.

Not related to ACS EU, I still miss some adapters and other tools to really be able to start building but I have been able to prepare the practice kit so far that it can be put together with cleco´s.


Another wall-section done in the shop

Spent an hour last night drilling into the concrete and setting up another wall-section. I have not decided if anything should be mounted on this part of the wall. Probably not as it is next to a door.

Tools are now in Sweden but still in the hands of DHL. I ordered clecos and primer today, I will pick them up on Saturday this week.

Total hours 72


Manual reading

Spent about an hour last night reading up on the first constructions to be done. Not as easy as an IKEA manual but not far from it :D


Status 2014-03-01, inventory done!

Inventory done!

Spent about an hour yesterday and some hours tonight and I'm finally done. I have been very careful unpacking and inventorying, probably why it has taken 3+7 hours to get it done.

Hours used so far, a pretty good estimate:

10 hours: Planning, dreaming, checking finances and finally deciding
20 hours: Paperwork, ordering kit & tools, asking about taxes, having my shop audited
30 hours: Shop, cleaning and rearranging the garage, building benches, putting up shelves
10 hours: Unpacking & inventory. Everything put in marked boxes

total as of 2014-03-01 70 hours!