AOA routing done

So with a new drill bit I could finally do the holes in the ribs for the AOA line. After some cleanup I attached the inner skin again, maybe I will rivet it on now.



Got nothing done tonight, need a longer drill bit.


I need another tool

Well, a long drill bit or thin extensions to be able to drill a hole for the AOA line in the left wings inner four ribs.


Wing tip, position/wing strobe light

Thanks to another builder I caught that the template in the installation manual was not printed to scale. Nothing is permanently attached, need to make some ground cable hooks first.

The small battery screwdriver is perfect for drilling fiberglass!


Great wing tip session

Started slowly by putting away the bottom skins again.
Then I checked out the position light and decided that it was time to use the new drills to install the tip lenses. The most interesting part was to rivet the nutplates onto the fiberglass wing-tips, I had to use a really small head on the rivet gun, happy to say that my riveting skills are still good.

New toys

Picked up the hydro-pneumatic pop-rivet gun and some plexi/fiberglass drill bits that I ordered form Cleavelands.


A short session

Had planned to work for longer but I used some aerosol primer and the smell was just to much for me so I made it into a short session.