Passed 100 hours on chapter 38!

But not much more to do :D


38, 39, 35 Seat backs Seals and proseal

Trimmed and deburred seat back parts. Trimmed and match drilled some piano hinges. Got my wife to help me remove and then place nack the canopy so I could mount the forward canopy seal. And as a final task, I finished chapter 35 by putting proseal between the front upper skin and the fire wall to close the final small openings.

38 More seals

The last picture is from last nights install.


38 Canopy seals

Cut some material for canopy seals and attached the one in the back.


38 Canopy fairing done for now?

Finished this session with adding a layer of primer onto the fairing. One can see some imperfections already before the primer has dried but I will probably decide that is is good enough to fly with and that the final prep will be done whenever I paint it.


38 Last epoxy on the fairing?

Looks quite good now, I have a few low spots or large pinholes than I filled out tonight.


38 Almost done sanding

A few low spots still, probably some more epoxy and another sanding session.


38 Continuing on the fairing

Several shorter sessions today. I think I have sanded it into shape now so I am starting to put pure epoxy on.


38 Sanding 3 Pinhole 2

More sanding and a new layer off filling.


38 Sanding 2, Pinhole 1

A lot more sanding and then a first glass balloon filling of pinholes. Next is some more sanding to shape and then a "full" layer of glass balloons before final sanding.

38 Canopy fairing, sanding 1

Started sanding the canopy fairing. This will take some time to get done!


38 Fiber glass 2

Added some more layers to the fairing and then made the sanding block.

And later in the evening I did some initial sanding:


38 Prepping for glassing the canopy fairing

38 Canopy void done

The canopy void is trimmed and the canopy is put back on the plane.


38 Sanding the canopy void

At least one more session before I am ready for glassing the fairing.