More Aileron actuation

Final drilled some holes, deburred and primed parts


What a chapter! (23)

Few pages but this chapter is taking a long time to do. Today I worked for almost four hours. Unfortunately I lost an hour due to a bolt that was bent slightly and binded up in the bushing it was fitted to. Replacement will be ordered!


And the aileron actuation chapter continues in small steps

started with the hand squeezer as suggested

Quickly realized my favourite tool would work better


Pushrods primed

The tube with spray divider I got from ebay (tip from vans airforce forum) worked really well, I should have used gloves and removed everything nearby :-/ I also did some other minor tasks.

better markings

riveted a nutplate

minor adjustments to bake the bushings fit

almost perfect lenght


Ready for priming the pushrods

An hour of drilling, match drilling, deburring, final drilling and deburring again. Did it in steps: The previous 1.5mm -> 2.0mm -> #40 -> match drill #40 and then final drill #30.


Another aileron actuation session.

Drilling the #40 holes in the smaller steel pushrod proved difficult. I have done all the holes 1.5mm but my #40 bits got dull almost immediately :-/


Aileron actuation continues

Another short session.
Making sure the marks are good enough

Deburring the last holes

Measuring and marking another part that needs to be cut into two pieces

Priming the other side


Some deburring and priming

I might have to prime in two sessions to be able to mark the parts so I did a 15min session tonight.


Aileron controls

Lots of small tasks...
cut and then grinded to final lenght

attaching template with the holes to be, marked

marking the holes

making the marks better with a tiny drill

drilling the #40 pilot holes


final/match drilling

careful marking so everything can go back into the same place after deburring and priming