Fuel and Oil

Attached some hoses and started on the oil cooler installation.



Heating system

Also showed my dad how far I have gotten :)

Powerless shop

No blogging yesterday due to some planned upgrade in our power grid, we were without power between 21-03. Exhaust in place and torqued with lock rings. Started on the heating. One clamp took almost an hour to attach, did not succeed until I used locking wire to keep it tight.


Trial fitting of the entire exhaust

Underestimated the amount of preservative oil that would exit the cylinders when I removed the exhaust covers. A real mess to clean up, the concrete floor in my garage seems to withstand oil, fuel and other fluids really good. :)  



Yesterday started in frustration, searched for parts for over 45 minutes before realizing that they are already mounted on the plane.


Cowling close to done, engine heater

Still working daily on the AC but to tired in the evenings to blog about it. Here are some pictures from the last two days. I have recently upgraded my internet connection from down/up 100/10Mbit to 1/1 Gbit. What a difference when uploading pictures to google :D


Continued with the cowlings

Starting to match the top and bottom inlets.

Cowling & Avionics

Started shaping the lower inlet with some cotton/epoxy. Yesterday I also received my first avionics, the main G3X touch EFIS and the IFR GPS navigator, a Garmin 625.

I have been informed that it is time to start the paperwork in preparation for first flight, it can take as long as three months to get everything in place so it is time to start now.


Many small tasks

Attached the oil pressure line (needed to do this now, if not the emag cooling tube would have been in the way) attached cooling to the mags, attached oil filler tube, closed the unused port in the fuel injection spider and finally measure the cowling-baffle space that needs to be filled.

I will probably receive some cool toys tomorrow :D