Almost done with the leading edges

Two very productive hours tonight. Realized that I had forgotten to dimple a few holes for the lightning attach brackets, a perfect opportunity to test my pop rivet dimpling tool.


preparing, leading edge

Setting up for riveting the final leading edge rib rivets. The remaining most forward rivets are now held in place with tape.


Done the easy rivets on both the right and left leading edge

Done the easy rivets on both the right and left leading edge:


More rivets on the leading edges

Managed to do some preparing while entertaining my youngest one :D 


Same for the right leading edge

Started with drilling out two bent rivets. Used 1mm then 2mm and finally #40 to be sure to not mess up the holes. I then attached the ribs and stiffener into the right leading and finally I riveted the aftmost two rivets in every rib and attached the the inner rib completely.

starting with 1mm to get a good center start

all the way with 2mm

just enough with the #40 to be able to break the head off with a punch

the bar is next to the hole as not to deform the skin and rib while punching out the last part of the bad rivet

more yoga ;)


First rivets in the leading edge

Been away for two days... Now I have riveted the two aft rivets in every rib on the left leading edge. I also positioned the difficult rib and tank strip into the right leading edge.


Cleco time

Had to use some force to get everything aligned...


Finally some assembly again

Even if it was just nutplates, it felt great to squeeze some rivets again. It always feels like the preparation of parts take forever!


Leading edge, scuffing and priming

Happy to be back at using my regular water-based primer. The smell from the rattle-can stuff I used for what can be seen from the landing light openings, still smells.


Painted the leading edge stiffeners

Painted them also tonight, simply forgot about them in the last session.


More of the same

finished the first skin and started on the other.


Started deburring the leading edge skins

Started deburring the leading edge skins:


More Leading edge

deburred and dimpled the stiffeners and the back holes in the ribs. Skins are next:


Left leading edge

Did the left side tonight. Been flying a lot lately :D


Match drilling

Match drilled the most forward holes in the leading edge ribs and the J-stiffener for the right wing. Set up for doing the left wing in the next session.


Splice strip dimple

A short session, read about people having trouble with cracks when doing the #19 dimples so I made sure the holes were not only deburred but also polished.


Splice strip

final drilled and deburred the splice strips.



A few days without building, once again for a good reason, been flying!

Not enough J-channels. Somehow I must have cut the earlier ones the wrong way because I have plenty of small pieces left but not enough long ones.

Thinking about making longer ones out of several shorter ones with some overlap and save the large parts for the tanks. Another part of me wants to go ahead and use the longer ones now and order more J-channels together with the fuselage kit (delaying making the wing tanks).

Also cut the tabs of the wing tank skins today but forgot to reposition the camera.


Controller visit :D

Lots done:

Do not remember us talking about flying ;)

Happy to get help with the fiberglass parts