Starting on the fuselage kit

Chapter 25 Forward mid fuse bulkheads.

Difficult to find the parts, do not understand why the first four pieces you need are located in three different sub-kits... Just removing the blue plastic, deburring and dimpling.


Milestone, wings done!

There will of course be installation of pitot heat, autopilot servos, landing light and so on but all the "wing" chapters in the manual are now complete!


Wings almost done

The cover plates need some more fitting before I can state that the wings are done. (Then there will be some final adjustments of the ailerons, attaching the flap controls, test the lights and so on. But all steps that are in the wings part of the manual will be done)

Wing strobe-nav connections done

Had a helper today.

Where does this go?


Wingtip ribs riveted, flaps reattached....

Wingtip ribs riveted, flaps reattached, Aileron actuation nuts torqued. To do on the wings are to attach the lightning wires to the molex connectors and then it is just about done. I will do the final trimming of the wing tips at a later date, maybe even after first flight.


fitted and drilled the wing tip rib

Was in a very gogogo mode so I just followed the instructions. Next session will be countersinking the wing tips and deburring the ribs.


Another 3 Hours done on the wingtips

Not seen in any pictures are me final drilling and dimpling the wing skins where the the tips attach to the wings.

Then there is using the nutplates clecoed in place on the top sides to match drill the rivet holes. I use a drillbit in the first hole when drilling the secont hole to make sure that it will fit. This is followed by countersinking the rivet holes using a cordless screw driver. Then final drilling for the screws followed by countersinking these holes. Then I place the nutplates holding them in place with a screw while riveting using the always fantastic squeezer.


Wingtips drilled

Decided to stop overthinking it and just follow the plans, looks good so far. There will be a movie later on.

I am missing my old Canon 60D that is now broken. It was a perfect camera for documenting my build. I think it gave me somewhere between 250 and 300 000 pictures before it broke, My current 6D still feels to new/expensive to use as a time lapse camera. I hope Canon releases the 6DmlII soon so I can upgrade and start using the 6D in the shop.


Fount the source of the binding aileron. Attached the aileron actuation again and then attached one wingtip in preparation for match drilling.


All wing skins are riveted in place!

Another chapter ended, feels great.

There will be a video here tomorrow.


36 or 39 rivets left on the last wing skin

One more session with some assistance from my wife and the wing skins will be done :)


Last Wing Skin Continues

Close now, not many rivets left.


Started riveting the last wing skin tonight.

Feels great! The next joint session is planned for Saturday, i'll probably do some preparation tomorrow.



One hour done tonight, ost of the time spent getting out a broken screw from one of the nutplates.


Cover plates

Final drilled, deburred and dimpled the Cover plates for the opening on the wings undersides.

A video, only for the fanatics ;)


Left bottom wing skin is done

Done with the left wing skin. Realized that even if I stick with the plans, there are some nutplates to be riveted so still some rivets to do on the left wing.

22 rivets left on the left wing?

Unless I modify and use a hinge instead of screws for the wing tip attachment, the picture below might show the last 22 rivets to be done on the left wing, great session last night. :D
It is possible to do them alone but that would mean holding the rivet gun far out in my left hand... will probably get my wife to help with them this evening.