Cover plates

Final drilled, deburred and dimpled the Cover plates for the opening on the wings undersides.

A video, only for the fanatics ;)


  1. I wouldn't call myself a fanatic, still watched it. Or perhaps, by definition, I am one then! :D

    Great to see you pick up speed again!! /J

  2. thanx, and yes if you watched it to the end, you are a fanatic!

    I did another session last night, just deburring the edges of the plates but I felt it did not even deserve a post.

    I am debating with myself about attaching the wingtips with screws as is standard or to use hinges. Using hinges would make it easier to put the tips on/off in the future and would make it look nices. BUT I would have to order and wait for more material.... I think I will just stick with the plans.