Pitot mast attachment

I had planned to (might later) post a little movie of this evenings session. For unknown reason the picture transfer to my PC is taking forever.

I riveted most of the remaining rivets on the skin and riveted the pitot mast attachment.


More outer bottom wing skin

Had hoped to go flying in our Cozy classic and try out our new Garmin G5 that was recently installed in it. But the TAFs for both sat and sunday talked about clouds well below 1000feet and even freezing fog.

This afternoon I got a few hours while my wife took the kids and visited her sister.
The left outer skin is now more than 50% done :)


Outer bottom wing skin continues

Finally some real work on the kit again. I had high ambitions, that we would be able to rivet all off the wing skin rivets that I need assistance with but our hands got to tired it will be at least one more session.
Started with some quality checks on the previous riveting using my new LED equipped mirror.
 Two of the old rivets and two of tonight's rivets needed to be redone.


Last night I prepped the shop for tonights riveting session. made sure all tools were in place, I topped off the oil in the compressor.



A few days ago I returned from a great vacation in Florida (Orlando). While there I visited and sat in a flying RV14A , many thanx to Roger!

This visit was a great motivator, On Thursday I hope to be able to complete the rest of the bottom wing skin riveting that needs a second hand. Then I hope to pick up the pace and finish the wings and start on the forward fuselage.