Not many wires left

I need to wire the sticks and a few other wires but basically I am just 2-3 work sessions away from being ready to transport everything to the airport :)


Fuel sensor wires connected to the GEA24 and tail surfaces removed

Connected some wires and then removed the tail surfaces in preparation for transport.
Now I can walk around the fuselage again without crawling on my knees :D


Green light from the pre-inspection

Great morning with my controller and inspector. The message was basically: get the wiring done and then transport it to the airfield for final assembly :D And my Hero has returned from the dead, by bumping it around I managed to reconnect whatever is loose inside, so working but totally unreliable.

Well deserved Coffee break!


One fall to many... my GoPro is dead

Decided to temporary attach my OAT sensor and magnetometer in hope of getting the transponder to give me a green tick-box. Got some encouraging info from Chris, thanx :) Not done with the connections yet, it has been a busy weekend.

My fallen Hero who has served me very well


Fairings done

Done with the fairings. Still having problem with the transponder configuration. It just sits there "updating"...


Transponder configurations and fairing adjustment

Started configuring the transponder, not working yet. Then I checked the clearance for the elevator-stabilizer fairing. Not enough on the right side. Decided to add another layer on the inside so that I can sand the outside some more tomorrow.


Finished the 35R wiring

and did the inside glass work on the fairings.


Lots done on the fairings and the transponder tray is installed

The transponder tray sits on a hinge at the panel. And the tray holder is screwed into two nut plates at the front. The large fairing has gotten an additional filling layer to be sanded tomorrow. The three smaller ones have now been set in place with epoxy from the outside. tomorrow I expect to attach them with epoxy and glass from the inside.


Fairings and transponder tray mount

Some pictures from the last evenings work. The fairings are about half way done, I have also started thinking about how to build a removable tray for the transponder.