Intersection fairing nutplates

Not done yet but the ones that could be riveted with the squeezer are done.


Intersection fairings drilled

Next is nutplates for all attachment holes.


More intersection fairings

Some adjustments on the upper ones. Holes to keep them in place drilled. Then I made the first cuts into the lower fairings. Looks good so far.


Upper intersection fairing

Made the first cuts in the upper intersection, diamond wheel on the Dremel worked really well!


46 Slow ahead

Lots of evening activities during the weekdays this week and this weekend the kids stayed with their grandparents while me and my wife spent a great weekend in Krakow/Poland.

Drilled the holes for the gear leg pin safety wiring and placed the fairing onto the gear legs, awaiting the intersection fairings.


Gear leg fairings continues

Just a short session, trimmed the trailing edge first with the band saw and then with sandpaper on a straight board . My oldest then required me inside for some arcade gaming, who can resist playing "Rampage" together with ones 6-year old?


Gear leg fairings

Done lots on the gear leg fairing. A warning, I have deviated from Vans plans here, I think everything looks good so far but beware of non-standard construction:


Wheel fairings continues

Wheel fairings complete, starting on the gear leg fairings.


Wheel fairing nutplates

reinforcements looks good, half way done with final drilling, and mounting nutplates for the screws that hold the front and rear fairings together. The wheel fairing work has become a welcome break from the avionics and wiring :)


Reinforced attachment points

So now the wheel fairings have an epoxy-flox mix curing around the six screws that attaches the wheel fairings.