hours @ 2015-02-28 388.9

Feb 2015
Tot 24.3 wing 19.4 Shop 4.9 (wing inv 4, wing ribs 2.9, wing spar 12.5)

Bringing the total numbers up to: 388.9

Tailkit 272.8
    Tail 90.1
    Elevator 64
    Horizontal spar 37.2
    Rudder 42.5
    Vertical spar 29.3
    Tail inventory 10

Wingkit 20.4
    Wing inventory 5
    Wing spar 12.5
    Wing ribs 2.9

Shop 52.2
Practice kit 5.5
General reading of manuals 5.0
Planning, dreaming, finances 10.0
Paperwork, ordering 21.7

Wing rib deburring2


Wing ribs deburring1

A few days without building. Once again I have had the perfect excuse, I have been flying :D

Tonight I started deburring all the wing ribs.


Prepping some parts

Cleaning up the shop and prepping some parts.


Finished the wing stand

Found some great and inexpensive lockable wheels. Also made a bottom shelf of some old MFD board I had.


Wing stand

Started making the wing stand and also collected the ribs ans other parts that I will work on soon.


Back riveting using a bucking bar

A good session were I tried something for the first time. I have read about others back riveting using a held bucking bar successfully. I did not dear to try it on the tail cone skin. But I would like to use this method on the upper wing skins.

Bucking some nut plates to the wing spar felt like a good way to test/practice. Went great! I will find some thin scrap pieces to try on before doing it on the skin but I now know that I can do it on stable parts.

I am also posting a short video showing off my favourite tool, the pneumatic squeezer.



24 nutplates and LOTS of countersinking

I'll just show you a movie of how interesting it can be to build an aeroplane ;)


More Countersinking

Need to test if the depth is correct, put some margins to Vans max specifications.


212 nutplates

Movies will be added later.


Drilling and Countersinking, my hand hurts

match drilled the rest of the #40 holes and then countersunk about 250 holes!

The rivet is barely above the surface, perfect!


Match drilling J-channels

How many hundred holes did I drill tonight... I am tired now!


Wing kit started

A few days without working on the plane, for good reasons, I have been flying the last three nights :D

Tonight I started on the wing kit, measured and cut the J-channels, aligned them for match drilling using the wing spars. The J-channels will not be mounted there but apparently it is clever to use the most expensive parts of the kit as a drill guide... lol

Happy that the dimensions in US and metrics matched

Marked to avoid future mistakes


Wing inventory done!

And the last 0.1 hours verified that all parts were delivered :D I also moved the large skins into the delivery box that is now standing almost sideways. Not perfect but it will have to do.

Tonight I also acted as an FI. During VFR darkness training my student went into IMC, happy to see him make a good textbook 180. We could not complete the lesson but he learnt a lot more than if the weather had been better.


Wing inventory 99% done

Just need to verify two items, I beleive everything was delivered.

I probably need to spend one more hour reorganizing parts and tools before I can actually start building again. Inventory took 4.9 hours in total, some have stated that they did it in three, I cannot imagine that they managed to verify the content of all bags (not rivets) in that time.


Hours and more wing inventory

Spent another hour checking the smaller sub kits for the wings. I have not checked the content of the bags yet but all bags are present. No pictures...

There are several reasons for the low hours in January, the cold weather itself, I myself had a cold, plastic work not suitable in the cold, expecting the wing kit and therefore making room in the shop. The wing kit arrived on the 29th of January and I'm picking up speed again :D

Jan 2015
Tot 8.3 tail 5.1 wing 1 elevator 3.1 HSpar 0.1 Rudder 1.3 VSpar 0.6 Shop 2.2 Winginv 1

Bringing the total numbers up to: 364.6

Tailkit 272.8
    Tail 90.1
    Elevator 64
    Horizontal spar 37.2
    Rudder 42.5
    Vertical spar 29.3
    Tail inventory 10

Wingkit 1
    Wing inventory 1

Shop 47.3
Practice kit 5.5
General reading of manuals 5.0
Planning, dreaming, finances 10.0
Paperwork, ordering 21.7


Wing inventory 1

Messed up the camera focus tonight. Made a movie anyway:


Ready for wing inventory

Did the last rearrangements in the shop tonight. The next session will be focused on inventorying the wing kit.



More unpacking and rearranging

Yesterday I unpacked a lot, have not started the inventory yet. Tonight I put up two tables, one on top of the other. If I measured correctly, I will be able to place the tail section on top.