More fairing trimming

More trimming and some match drilling. I need a vacuum cleaner in the shop!

Hours @ 2014-11-30 352.8

Nov 2014
Tot 33.3 tail 21.4 elevator 4.6 HSpar 1.3 Rudder 5 Paperwork 1

Bringing the total numbers up to:

Tailkit 264.2
    Tail 90.1
    Elevator 60.1
    Horizontal spar 37.1
    Rudder 38.5
    Vertical spar 28.7
    Tail inventory 10

Shop 45.1
Practice kit 5.5
General reading of manuals 5.0
Planning, dreaming, finances 10.0
Paperwork, ordering 21.7


More rudder fairings

Just about done with trimming both the lower and upper rudder fairings. Match-drilled the upper one. Still to do it remove a part of the lower fairing, match drill that one, install the light and then pop-rivet.


Bottom rudder fairing

Very happy about not choosing to build a "plastic" aeroplane. I really dislike the dust from trimming the fairings and I have just started :(


Lower rudder fairing

Started trimming the lower rudder fairing, it quickly got so dusty in the garage that I decided to call it quits for the night with the intention to wear better protection at the next session.


Started on the fairings

Forgot to reposition the camera so not much to show today. Started on the fairings, drilled the draining hole in the rudder fairing and some more. Fixed some wiring on the trim motor.


First holes in the elevator horns drilled

First holes in the elevator horns drilled. Lots of measuring before I committed. Ended up drilling to get a good mark first and to then drill without having it mounted. I have not made them 1/4 yet as I have a reamer on order that I want to use.


Measure twice, cut...

Just marked the planned drill point and then disassembled and re-measured. And I was off by almost 5mm. Probably measured between the wrong places yesterday. Redone and reassembled and now I got 29 degrees and 25 degrees. I should probably back the bearings out 1/2 lap. I'll sleep on it!



For the first time I´m feeling annoyed at Vans.

First I must be honest and start with letting you know that my feelings might be affected by having spent 30 minutes searching before finding the E-bushing that I knew I placed in some smart location. ;)

The reason I´m annoyed is because of the many errors on page 11-03:
- The spacer is marked as being 2inch high, that is 50.8mm not 5.8
- The spacer is shown as being significantly wider that deep... not what the numbers tell you
- The HS-911 & VA-146A is not riveted together in the picture, is is done in chapter 8 (Should I drill them out now to get a better surface for the spacer?)
- In the latest revision it tells you to match drill using a #30 drill and the E-bushing is marked as having a .120 3mm hole. My E-bushing has a 4.5-4.6mm hole and the older revision has you drill with a #17 drill. (The older version makes much more sense) The purist in me is also annoyed by the fact that they change things without mentioning it in the revision history (maybe there has been a revision in between with it listed)

The only thing I got done today was making the E-bushing get a perfect fit into the VA-146A. I did not drill.... the main reason is that I have just about exactly the 13/16 space as described for the bearings on page 11-02 but for me this means that I have significantly more that the 1 5/8 space that is listed as a minimum on page 11-03. My question is, should I turn the bearing in a half, one on more turns to get a closer spacing (checking the travel of course) or should I just move on as I have more than a listed minimum spacing? My elevators looks just like the spacing in Figure 5 on page 11-03.

I´ll sleep on it and read up on forum and builders sites.



Elevator travel OK

I have actually been flying a lot in the past days, that and some "honeydos" have kept me away from the RV.

Today I had a short session where I checked the elevator travel 25/30 needed, I could do 30/30 so no need to remember in what direction more was needed. I also checked the space between the elevator and spar, minimum is 3.2mm, I got 3.3, perfect!


Horizontal spar, tail, elevator

Things are coming together.
Match drilled the horizontal spar to the tail, installed the left elevator to the spar. When putting in the bearings I was smart and measured and screwed in the nut before installing the bearing into the elevator.


Top skin done

Top skin done, looks like it´s only my wife who is working ;)


Two thirds of the top skin

Decided to skip all plans for an upside down back-riveting technique or other variants and just go for standard riveting with me inside holding the bar. Two thirds of the top skin done, and just one small dent that will be easy to cover before painting :D


A few days off

Not feeling 100% so I have decided to take a few days of from working on the plane. The next rivets will be very visible so I want to be at my best when doing them. Moved the horizontal stabilizer back into the shop in preparation for match drilling it to the tail.


Wing kit

Ordered the wing kit today.


Top side skins done

Top side skins done, top skin clecoed. Prepared the wing kit order. (Extra nutplates, rivets...)


Lots done

Lots done today, 3.9 hour in the garage.

The bad: Lost almost 45min due to having to drill out 7 rivets.
The good: Perfect save, cannot tell the redone ones from the normal ones.

I was a bit worried about the curved surfaces on the top side skins that will be very visible. With my wife handling the gun, we got great results!


Top skins

Starting to rivet the top skins.

Primed the part I missed before on both sides

Removing the spar

Removing plastic

Cleaning my new 2000x100x10mm backplate

Putting in rivets

Back riveting


Removing primer

Just removed some primer from the dimpled holes in the skins. I could not resist to cleco the side top skins on.


Match drilled the vertical spar

Went well, then primed the part of the fuselage that will get the top side skin on it.


Vertical stab mounted on rear fuselage

Vert stab mounted on rear fuselage, temporary of course, the next step is some match drilling. Stood there and just looked at it for almost 15min :D

I was able to squeeze almost all rivets on the F-01414 Aft Deck by sometimes assemble the sqeezer dies after having inserted the yoke into the lightening holes.


Controller visit

Several things done today, normal riveting, squeezing and some electrical work.


Primed the other sides

Not much to say, more primer:



Several parts prepared and primed on one side.
Removing tool marks from the edges

dimple with the c-frame


Heating to be able to select what parts of the plastic to remove

Getting the edges smooth

Scuffing for the primer to attach good


Prime, waterbased primer