8 rivets to go on chapter 30

My wife is now on a well deserved kids free three day break. Last night she helped me with the remaining rivets in section 30 that needs two persons.


More than 60 rivets done for connecting the fuselage sections

My lovely wife helped me again, unfortunately her clothes were a little to revealing for public display so no pictures of her riveting tonight ;)


Around 40 rivets less to drive after tonight

With the help of my wife, another 35-40 rivets were driven.



Sitting inside the baggage area, trying to spread out my weight as much as possible while riveting in tight spaces, has been the most uncomfortable riveting so far. I would have been so much easier if the fuselage was turned upside down or onto a side... Might try to get some guests over for turning help.


Last page of chapter 30

Into the last page of this chapter but there are still lots of rivets left to drive before the fuselage parts are fully riveted together.

Some help from my wonderful wife tonight.

Another first

The kids got to sit in the RV first, I have not sat down to do any airplane noises myself yet.


Top baggage bulkhead riveted, starting on the sides

Top baggage bulkhead riveted, and the top rivets for the seatbelt lugs.

And then some more rivets on the sides:


First time inside the aircraft

First time in the plane. Could not find another way to reach inside with the bucking bar for riveting the upper rivet for the seat belt lug.

Dimpling using the pop rivet dimple die

Stepping in for the first time

First rivet from inside

Upper seat belt lugs

Not much to see, separated, sanded, scuffed, primed and painted the upper seat belt lugs. Either I have missed it or the plans have missed a step to dimple the rear upper skin. I will test the pop rivet dimple tool first.


30, baggage bulkheads in place

I guess it will be time to start riveting soon again :D

Baggage bulkheads 2

primed and painted the other side of the bulkheads.

If anyone wonders, my protection glasses broke... these are usable but to dark.


30, baggage bulkheads

No camera tonight. some prepping/priming of the baggage bulkheads.



And finally the moment I have been looking forward to for the past 3-4 weeks have arrived. The two fuselage sections have connected. Once I saw and removed two clecos that kept the forward fuselage skins tight against the lower fuselage side ribs, it was easy. It was only a few minutes of adjustment to get the holes to align.