Ribs dimpled

Dimpled the ribs today, something I would have liked to do with the squeezer but I´m just tired of waiting.


Deburring and putting it together just for fun

Found another piece that I have not prepared yet. deburred it tonight, will probably prime it tomorrow. Then I put the skeleton together just for the fun of it.


Still no squeezer

Could not keep myself from riveting some parts that I would have prefered to do with the squeezer.
I did a total of 16 rivets, had to drill out and redo 2... maybe I have gotten out of practice :-/


Fixing a countersink cage

Today I managed to fix a countersink cage that I had messed up a few weeks before (using force instead of brains when it didn't work as expected ;) )


Some match drilling

A few holes missing, match drilled.


Yesterdays session, starting to find it hard to come up with work that does not involve riveting or dimpling. I would really like my pneumatic squeezer to arrive now!


I love back riveting

Still waiting for the pneumatic squeezer. I realised that there is some rivets that should be back riveted so I did those today.


Match drilling, deburring and countersinking.

Totally forgot about the camera today. Well, nothing new done just more of the same. Last nights priming looked good enough :D


Only one hour

But lots done, deburred the skin edges, roughed up the surface around the dimpled holes and then primed the area. I did not have enough time to let it dry up before turning the skins so I do not expect a pretty result but hopefully one that fulfills its purpose.


Dimpling and more dimpling

Did two sessions yesterday, in total I spent 3.5 hours in the shop. It took just about 3 hours to dimple the two stabilizer skins. The first half hour was spent on putting up another shelf, building the C-frame support and some other small tasks.

The heavier sledge gives a great result but the arm gets really tired from doing hundreds of dimples!


Preparing to dimple

Decided that my next step will be to dimple the stabilizer skins while waiting for the squeezer. Today I just removed the plastic cover from the inside and marked one as left and the other as right.


Cleanup and some deburring

Spend an hour in the garage yesterday, most of the time reorganizing boxes, cleaning up and sorting stuff but I also deburred and primed one stiffener that I missed earlier.


More flying than building

The last days I have spent more time flying than building. Did my MEIR PC, great fun but expensive. Then I have been to the yearly Swedish EAA fly-in.

Today I did a short session, putting up a thin shelf along one off the walls.


Slow progress while waiting for the squeezer

A busy week at work and I also keep the tempo low as I prefer to do the next steps with the pneumatic squeezer that I have ordered. Decided to do some work tonight:
touching up

Almost a yoga session