Another hour in the shop today, just moving stuff around

One hour of moving stuff around in preparation for the next kits.


Tanks on wings (together with clecos)

In an effort to get more space before the next kits, I got some help mounting the semi-done tanks onto the wings.


Fuel senders

With my old huntings boots on, it got comfortable in the shop last night.

Did a pretty good job of bending the arms for the fuel sender floats. Not much more that can be done on the tanks without proseal.



Outside temperature is hovering between -10 and -20c (-4 to 14f) and my insulation even as improved compared to last winter is struggling when it gets below -5. Some short session during the last days.


Yesterdays tank session

Some small adjustments and then I started putting the tanks together with clecos. The goal is to be able to create the vent lines, adjust the fuel measure senders and everything else that can be done without access to proseal.


Summary of 2015, the second year of building an RV14

Hours total @ 2016-01-01 679.5

Dec 2015 Tot 20.6 Tank 16.8 Ailerons 3.0 Other 1.6

2015: 326.7 hours, almost all on the wings.
Lower that 2014: 352.8 but not bad considering my second son was born in March 2015

placed the order for the fuselage and finish kit

Did a short session this afternoon, I have done all steps I can do (in the order they are described in the manual) without proseal. I will continue to do other small tasks while waiting for the proseal that I ordered together with the kits.

Some tank tinkering

Got started again yesterday after a few slow days. I was clever enough to use oops rivets close to the #19 dimples but not smart enough to rivet those nutplates in place before attaching the shims to the attach brackets (would have been easier!