Taking apart and deburring

If there is one job I would like to get rid off, it would be deburring. I would be willing to pay good money to have all holes drilled to final size and deburred.

Today was basically just taking everything apart again and deburring all holes in the skeleton parts.


Drilling and clecoing

Started with putting clecos on the rudder flanges at the front, did not want to force that yesterday as I was not 100% on what side was to be above. Then it was time to drill the trailing edge, the manual is very specific about putting clecos into every hole!

I decided to do it by free hand, some others have crafted fancy wedges to get the correct angle and even used a drill press for this moment. I could not see the point in this, the prepunched holes in the skins and the edge will align the drill by itself if you let it, was my reasoning. We will see if I will have to eat this thought.

Ended up by using the soldering to prepare for removal of the blue plastic cover.



Learning from others

Today was one of those days when it payed of to have read other builders bloggs beforehand. There was two important lessons: The rivet lengths in this chapter contains some errors and there is a cut-out in each rudder skin that needs to be enlarged, not mentioned in the plans.

Started with some riveting and then it was lots of clecos to put in, my hand is really sore.

It is actually a pulled rivet being removed. I need a longer one

And now?

Skeleton ready

Cleco and mark, uncleco

cut to length, sanded and cleco back 

skin to skeleton

heat the plastic so I can remove only the parts I like to

Enlarging cut-out

On the wrong side for the next step

And the next skin goes on top

lots of them

Reminds me of a rudder but I'm not fooled this time, I know that I'm not even half done with this piece


The good, the bad.... and the not so ugly

The good is that the Steward system ECO priming looks good. The bad is that attaching it with a sponge gives a bad result, this needs to be sprayed on.

I bettered the priming on some places and then started clecoing and riveting together some reinforcement plates with nutplates. I was afraid that the nutplates were going to be difficult to rivet but it was no more difficult than any other rivets. Had to redo two rivets but drilling out a rivet or two is a non-event now.