Final drilled ribs and modified four ones as instructed


Chapter 16 done!

With the help of my wife the last 8 rivets went in without problems.
explaining the plan

last one done

parts laid out for the next chapter


5 in 3 out again

Did three 470 4-6 rivets by myself today with an offset die. Did not go well, of five rivets I had to drill out three. At the next session I will have a helper and try using a long straight die instead.

Kind of happy that the camera did not catch my lousy riveting :-/


Both top skins done

And countersunk the #8 holes to finish the evening off.


Closer to the end of riveting the top skin

Forgot about the stiffener, otherwise we would have completed the second top skin tonight.


More rivets

Used the squeezer on edge rivets today. At least one more session before both top wing skins are done.


Right top wing skin

The majority of the right top wing skin rivets are now in place.


Left top skin stiffener in place

Quick work with the help of my fantastic wife :D


More preparations

Clecoed and put in rivets in the skin/stiffener in preparation for riveting. And put in a lot of rivets in the right top skin.



Summer is finally here

Lots more rivets done. Summer is finally here, it has been around 14(57f) for a few weeks, today it reached 27(80). Even at 10pm it felt ok to walk around outside in a t-shirt :D


Preparing for the next riveting session

Drilled out yesterday's bad rivet. Prepared for the next session.


Lots of rivets in a short time

Fun to rivet when lots have been prepared before.

Only one rivet to drill out, marked with a red x



Putting in rivets in preparation for more top skin riveting:



First row of rivets on the top skins

We tried but I'm not satisfied with the shop heads when back-riveting so we went back to ordinary riveting and that went well :D