More tools

Got a delivery from Cleavelandtools. No work on the RV today as I had to do some work again tonight.

great fit

the drill bits and tie-downs are not in this picture


More ADAHRS mount

Match drilled the ADAHRS mount to the stiffener. deburred lots of holes, dimpled all bottom wing stiffeners and then mounted the inner bottom wing skin in preparation for more match drilling.


ADAHRS mount

A short session as I have to do some work in the evenings this week. Riveted a few rivets that I had left on the rear spar because I was afraid that they would interfere with the fairings. Then I mounted the ADAHRS mounting plate together with the bottom skin and stiffener with clecos.


Aileron and flaps fairings done

Almost all could be squeezed. Went to far with the GoPro...


More fairing work

Almost done with these parts.

Primed the other side of the fairings

Flap and aileron fairings

deburred and one side primed. Did the pitot parts and some j-channels at the same time.


Pitot mast almost done and started on chapter 20

Chapter 20 is called Bottom wing skin. The first part of the chapter is however the Aileron and flap gap fairings. I sanded, final drilled and dimpled the flap gap stiffeners and then dimpled the fairings. I was not mentioned but I think it would have been good to break the edges before dimpling... to late now and not critical in any way.

I also vacuumed the shop in the afternoon.
removed some primer runnings

after another shot of primer I installed the nutplates

left to do is to prime the mounting plate and spacer


Prepared and started priming the pitot mast

Prepared and started priming the pitot mast, spend most of tonight's time cleaning the garage.


Pitot mast installation

Continued on the pitot mast installation but I do not have any pictures or videos yet.
Copied another builders mount, placing it so I get four holes at the bottom (front)
Not shown is that the angle was sized so that the spacer that is included will sit just next to the angle.
Positioned so that the skin will lay flat on top later on

still ok?.... yes!

drilling two holes at the bottom to be sure that it will be placed correct later

fixed the template and made marks on the skin

And finally everything was match drilled


Right flap bottom skin on, started on the pitot mount

Nothing new to show on that topic, exactly the same procedure as last nights riveting on the left one. Then I spent some time making an angle from a small aluminium sheet and to reposition the wings so that the left one that shall get the pitot mast is facing the open room.


Started attaching the bottom skin on one flap

After verifying that I had no twist, I removed the protecting sheet

I tried to find a way to use the special elevator bucking bar but could not make it work

The first rivet in the bottom skin, I can not imagine doing this without a tungsten bar

doing every 10th rivet as mentioned in the plan to prevent twisting

marking the ones done

after doing every secind, I did the last 50% bay by bay from the center and out

finishing with the spar rivets

And using the squeezer for the outmost two 

"only" pop-rivets and the trailing edge to do on this flap


Flaps top skins done

Well, except for the trailing edge of course.

One had to be drilled out, I pushed to hard on the bucking bar so the rivet was not fully in when it started to expand

Great back riveting results tonight