Standing without support

Another milestone!

With chaotic weather resulting in closed roads, I decided to work from home. Got some great results during the breaks. First I measured the toe in/out and I am within tolerances, very close to zero. Then I attached the wheels and was able to remove the supporting benches.


  1. Is this the final look of the main wheel legs (part from brake lines etc)? Most RV-14 builds I've found use the nose wheel setup and the few tail draggers I found have a more aerodynamic look. I guess the ones you have are sturdy enough but they *do* look so thin! :)

    Anyways, great to see her standing on her own, awesome! Engine kit arriving any day soon now I presume?

  2. Many perform their first flight with the gear looking like above (plus brakes and brake-lines). I will mount all the fairings and wheel pants before first flight. Here are many pictures of the finished look of both the RV-14 and 14A: https://www.flickr.com/photos/145644364@N08/sets/72157673787122912