Engine mounted!

Got my missing KB-090-T fitting, the tach cap and some cotter pints. Parts were around 30$, the freight 50$... but it is kind of cool to be able to get stuff from Oregon to Sweden in less than 2 days :)

I quickly attached those parts and then I could not help myself from testing how close I could place the engine to the engine mount and after about 30 min of maneuvering I had all four bolts and other hardware in place! Now I have to read up about how and how much to torque these bolts and nuts but it is in place :D


  1. It looks amazing, that engine mount should be a big milestone!.
    I'm glad you chose the tail dragger version, it's the most beautiful!


  2. Big milestone indeed, agreed! Now it really starts to look as an airplane! <3
    Don't hesitate to gimme a mess if you need help some day, and don't forget to invite for big events such as first engine start and more important: first flight! /Jens