691.8 hours @ 2016-02-29

So February resulted in an all time low. Only 3.7 hours done, the only thing that was done was to move around stuff and clean up the shop in preparation for the fuselage and finish kits.

I wish I could blame the low number of hours on having to wait for new parts but that would be a lie. The next working session will be tearing down the insulation covering the shop doors so after that I have a valid excuse for not working on the project until after the kits have arrived and the insulation can be put back up again ;)

I am starting to miss working on the plane so I hope that the recent troubles with getting the kids to sleep on time, goes away when it´s time to pick up the pace again.

I have also tried to research what extra electrical cables I will need in the wings for the heated pitot and although I have found some answers on other blogs, I have not gotten enough details to go out and buy the cables, placing them and then closing up the bottom wing skins.    


  1. I miss seeing updates and pics too! ;) Do you have any hints on when the next kit will arrive? March, iirc but that was then. Any predictions? Have you decided on what to do (part from unboxing I guess) when the kit arrives? Fuel tanks or next part of plane (forward fuselage I presume?)

  2. The preliminary crating date was 29/2. I have no communication yet but expect shipping to begin at any time now. I do expect to have the new kits by mid March.

    The plan is to finish the wings (I need the space so the wings will be moved once done). So it´s fule tanks, wing tips, finish the aileron connection and adjustments, prepare wiring for heated pitot, and finally riveting the bottom skins in place.

    The big question right now is if I should commit to an EFIS vendor to be able to fully prepare the wings

  3. Cool. Just about after I asked, I saw your update about kits being shipped. :) Your estimate seems rather spot on.
    What options for EFIS do you consider?

  4. The two main contenders are Garmin with the G3X touch and Dynon with the Skyview touch. Both have unique features and advantages, very difficult to choose.

    Then there are also the AFS systems, owned by Dynon now and also the systems from GRT and MGL. MGL is interesting because it is very flexible, you as a user can customize the interface a lot.