Finish kit inventory part 2

Unpacking of the finish kit continues. These are the parts that will wait the longest to be used. The pictures are not that interesting and there is not much to write about this.

You might not read so much on this blog in the near future but I will continue to put 1-2 hours per evening into the project. The wing kit took almost exactly 10 hours to inventory so I probably have close to 16 hours of inventory left with these two kits. I promise to start updating the blog when the inventory is done.
Nice motor mount, engine is not decided yet so we will see if I will use this mount

The gear legs are massive!

4 bags of paper so far

the fuselage box top, was screwed in place, unfortunately the finish kit was nailed, a pain to remove all the sharp nails (the u-type) 

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  1. Good luck unboxing. Looking forward to see updates when you're done and start do some "real" work on the airplane later on!