Getting closer to finishing the ailerons

Dimpling, edge breaking and more dimpling. Grinded the edge off one of my squeezer yokes to be able to dimple the ribs.


  1. Things are coming along nice I see!
    I was wondering, your current total is about 5-600 hours iirc, but what about expected total time? I understand this is a very rough estimate but in what span are you expecting it will take to build the aircraft? All in all?

  2. Well, really feels like I am sticking out my chin here:

    My original estimate was that I would spend between 1500 and 2000 hours and probably closer to the latter number. Now I am starting to believe that it would be possible to build this ac in under 1200 hours if you are experienced and that I as a first time builder can be ready for first flight in under 1500 hours. This is provided that I stay with an engine that is compatible with the firewall forward kit and with a non-complex panel.

  3. Ah. "Only" 2000?! Cool. So basically 1/3 - 1/4 done or so? Reason I ask is, not only am I curious and do follow your progress - but I recently saw an estimate of 10 000 hours of a guy building a **model** a/c. You've probably seen it on facebook etc. Thought to myself: that is a sh*tload of time, how much for a **real* a/c... :)