Close call, Aileron

Almost made a big mistake tonight. Read about it in the picture comments.

Skin is good

Attaching the trailing edge

On one side the edge is flush with the skin on the other it is showing about 1mm, measuring skin hole to edge distance and A-1011 hole to edge distance


And measured again

marking and taking pictures with the intent to ask on VAF forum...

Calculating and the numbers do not make sense! Opposite result compared to my logic... this cannot be, time to take a closer look at the parts

And I finally saw the problem, I had put the clecos on one Aileron thru the large lightening holes instead of the rivet holes!

Final drilling, I let the drill find the correct angle on itself and made sure not to try and make it 90 degrees towards the skin

Thens its time to take everything apart again for trimming, deburring, dimpling, countersinking and priming 

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